Wheels MFG 608/688 8mm Bearing Extractor

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Price: $49.35 (RRP)


Individual extractor for removing 608 & 688 sealed bearings with 8mm inside diameter.

These bearing extractors grip the inside race of a sealed bearing, allowing the bearing to be tapped out of the hub shell or frame component. Insert the extractor into the bearing, tighten one side with a matching wrench, and the collet expands to grip the inside of the bearing. Tap the extractor & bearing out together with a punch and hammer.

All extractors are size specific! If attempting to remove a bearing of a different size than the extractor, you will permanently damage or break the extractor. If the extractor is smaller than the bearing, try using a shim between the extractor and the bearing to get the tightest fit before tightening the extractor bolt.

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