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28 May 2021
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Juice Lubes Viking Juice 130ml bottle (Chain Lube)
Chain Lube for All Conditions

Viking Juice is our premium, all conditions chain lube originally developed with swedish road riding legend Magnus Backstedt. It was designed to last the entire length of the gruelling Paris – Roubaix cobbles race, as Magnus was frustrated at having to re-lube during the race. So we got the men in white coats involved and Viking Juice is the result! Now everyone is all smiles…

So what makes it better? Viking Juice is a highly penetrating lube that quickly works its way to the centre of the chain. The solvent carrier that got it there then evaporates leaving the lubricating element stuck firmly in place. It has very high water wash out resistance and because it isn’t a conventional sticky wet lube, it doesn’t attract dirt, so runs cleaner as well. This enhances the life of your chain, makes shifting better and keeps you happier!

How To Use

Un-screw nozzle and pierce security seal. Re-attach nozzle and open flow valve a small amount to avoid over application.

For top performance, chain must be thoroughly degreased (Use Dirt Juice Super Gnarl for this!) Apply up to 4 layers of Viking Juice , allowing 2 minutes between each layer for the lube to penetrate and “set-up” correctly.

Size: 130ml

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