Wheels MFG Axle Ruler Pro

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Feast your eyes on the Axle Ruler Pro – the precision tool that's about to revolutionize your bike mechanic game! Crafted with pure stoke by the legends at Wheels Manufacturing, this bad boy is here to make sure you never second-guess those axle measurements again.

Need to find your Axle thread pitch? We have you covered with a wide range of measurements in both male and female for Solid, QR and Thru Axles including:
M9x1, M9x26, 3/8"x24, 3/8"x26, M10x1, M10x26, M12x1, M12x1.25, M12x1.5, M12x1.75, M14x1.5, M15x1, M15x1.5

No more noodling around with different sizes – the Axle Ruler Pro has it all, so you can lock in those measurements with style.

The self-centering axle measurement channel is a game-changer, making axle length measurements a breeze. With an 11-inch and a 28-centimeter ruler in the mix, the Axle Ruler Pro adapts to your vibe. Inches or centimeters, take your pick – it's all about giving you the freedom to roll your way.

Axle length, thread size, pitch or length – whatever you need, this ruler's got your back. No more overthinking, just pure accuracy.

Crafted from 6061 aluminum.

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