New Arrivals

  • Description

    A tough bell with a rotary striker.

    – Compact 50mm brass dome for a bright and resonant ring
    – Aluminum striker and clamp
    – Operable from multiple positions on the handlebar. Wheel turns clock-wise or counter-clockwise. Easily click off multiple dings or a single ding
    – Fits on 22.2, 24.0 and 25.4mm OD bars
    – Stealthy matte black finish

  • Description

    The original mountain bike pedals are back, resurrected by Blue Lug and MKS. If you don't like the pins digging into the soles of your shoes, these are a great, grippy but non-pinny option. Like our old RMX pedal, but with some MTB pedigree.

  • Description

    The FLAT PEDAL SIDE of the body features our proprietary discreet spike pins, while the CLIPLESS SIDE features MKS own (SPD compatible) split binding system, which uses 50% of the release force of a one-piece binding without compromising the holding power.

    - For comfortable and efficient pedaling the Solution is built around MKS’s triple sealed bearings, offering the highest-quality rotation.

    - The extruded and machined alloy body has a premium and modern style that is paired with in-style colors.

    - This all-around pedal is ideal for city riding, touring, trekking, and long rides.

    – Size: 72mm W x 107.5 L

    – Weight: 497g

  • Description

    Problem Solvers Booster Front Wheel Adaptor Kit 10mm

    Booster thru-axle hub spacer kits are designed to give your non-Boost front and rear thru-axle hubs the boost they need to fit any Boost-compatible frame or fork.

    - 10mm spacer kit adapts 100 x 15mm front hub to 110 x 15mm
    - Includes 5mm rotor spacer w/ hardware
    - Includes both 5mm torque caps and standard hub cap spacers
    - Thru-axle not included

  • Description

    The Cassidy trucker hat is an understated headwear choice perfect for just about anywhere. Bonus cool points: it perfectly matches our 2021 Cassidy Carbon GX Eagle.

    - Flat bill
    - Adjustable snapback closure
    - Six-panel structured construction

  • Description

    Dr. Chromoly’s Elixir Purist Water Bottle from Surly offers premium real estate for your refreshment of choice. Shielded from unwanted odors, flavors, mold, and stains, your water won’t taste like whatever else you put in there last time.

  • Description

    Thomson Handlebar Grip Tape features an advanced nanotechnology that is antibacterial and dust resistant. The easy to wrap material is 3mm thick providing a shockproof ride quality with a soft and tacky grip – in wet or dry conditions.

    Package includes: 2 rolls of bar tape + bar end plugs

    Each roll measures: L=225, W=3cm, Thickness= 3mm+ gel adhesive

    Total weight: @100g

  • Description

    For carving XC courses, going the distance on gravel roads, or roaming along bikepacking routes, the Whisky No.9 MTN Fork brings a new dimension to your mountain bike. The full unidirectional carbon construction paired with tapered steerer tube and thru-axle dropouts, delivers reliable strength and predictable steering.

    - Lighter and stiffer than a suspension fork, it’s long enough to replace forks with 120 mm to 130 mm of travel
    - 500mm axle to crown for use with modern trail bike geometry and fork travel
    - Boost 110 mm spacing with clearance for up to a 29 x 3.0" or 27.5 x 3.0" tires
    - Full internal routing for a dynamo light cable
    - Two sets of Three-Pack mounts
    - Whisky No.9 Thru Bolt and compression plug included
    - Not compatible with Torque Cap equipped hubs

    - Axle to Crown Length: 500 mm
    - Brake Mount (Fork): Post Mount 160
    - Offset: 51 mm
    - Steerer Type: Tapered
    - Steerer Tube Length (mm): 280 mm

  • Description

    Get a leg up on classic comfort and sharp style with the Whisky Parts Co. Prospector T-Shirt.

    - 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton

  • Description

    The B-RAD TekLite Roll-Top Bag is a premium, lightweight, and flexible storage option to keep your riding essentials protected from the elements. This follows the same profile as the original B-RAD Roll-Top Bag, but uses the new TekLite material, which is made with layers of strong, durable, and lightweight fibers. Bags are large enough to carry a packable jacket or food for a full day on the saddle, yet sleek enough to stay out of the way of legs while riding. The roll-top opening makes for quick access, while the hook-and-loop strap allows for easy removal and repositioning. It can be attached under a saddle, strapped to a frame, secured in a bottle cage, or mounted onto any B-RAD Base.

    - 1.0L capacity to carry riding essentials: multi-tools, spare tube, small hand pump, and/or snacks
    - Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material is lightweight, strong, and durable
    - Roll-top design protects contents from water, dirt, and other road grit
    - Silicone-backed strap with hook-and-loop design keeps bag securely in place
    - Flexible, durable construction from a composite of abrasion-resistant, high-tenacity fibers

    Bag, Strap, and Mounting Plate includes:
    bag, strap, B-RAD system mounting plate and hardware. This allows you to mount to a B-RAD base in addition to mounting to saddle rails or directly around frame tubing. REQUIRES a B-RAD Base for the mounting plate.

    *** This bag is not classified as waterproof (dunkable), but it is extremely water- and weather-resistant.

  • Description

    Stay hydrated and ride. These 26 oz capacity bottles are made and printed in the USA.

    MoFlo Valve

    Easy to open, effortless to use, and leak-proof when closed

    BPA free and dishwasher friendly

  • Description

    The Wolf Tooth Morse Cage is the result of a collaboration between Wolf Tooth and King Cage with a goal of providing a lightweight and low profile way to reposition bottle cages. Named for its dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern, the Morse Cage base plate offers four positions across 32mm of vertical adjustment, fully capturing one mounting bolt in every position to prevent movement. Handcrafted by King Cage in Durango, Colorado, the Morse Cage will never mar your bottles, can be bent back into shape if damaged, and are available now in both titanium and stainless steel.

    - Hand bent hollow tubing
    - Precision-cut four-position bases with 32mm of total adjustment

  • Description

    WT-1 Chain Lube is a premium synthetic chain lubricant and a drivetrain treatment for all conditions in the same bottle. It cleans and protects chains while improving overall mechanical efficiency of a drivetrain. This allows cyclists to have just WT-1 Chain Lube on hand, instead of separate dry chain lube, wet chain lube, chain cleaner, and drivetrain treatment. As a synthetic chain lubricant, WT-1 will improve the mechanical efficiency of your drivetrain while lasting 3-5x longer than most other chain lubes because it binds so well with chains. As a drivetrain treatment, WT-1 will clean your chain by pushing dirt and debris to the surface where it can be wiped away, then it will protect your chain in all riding conditions and allow you to ride longer between applications.

    - Cleans, lubricates, and protects chains
    - Peak performance in all conditions
    - Optimal choice for complex modern drivetrains
    - Available in 2.0 and 0.5 fl oz bottles, sold individually and by the box
    - Easy to use. Quick to apply.
    - Also works on other places of your bike, including hubs, cables, and pulley wheels


    Ease of use is important in selecting a chain lubricant and chain treatment. The complete application process of WT-1 Chain Lube takes less than a minute and there is no need to clean your chain before getting started.

    Here’s how to begin using WT-1 Chain Lube:

    1. Shake bottle of WT-1 for 30 seconds. A ball bearing is present in every bottle to help mix things up.
    2. Apply one drop to each roller of your chain. We recommend applying WT-1 Chain Lube to the top side of your chain between your derailleur and chainring, just in front of that lower pulley wheel.
    3. Backpedal 20-30 times. This helps WT-1 Chain Lube find its way between all the pieces of your chain.
    4. Wipe chain with microfiber cloth until it appears clean with a light sheen. It'll look extra dirty at first, then it will clear up as you wipe away that dirt.
    5. Ride your bike. Reapply at least once every 400 miles.

    After your first couple applications, you’ll notice that your chain looks extra dirty following your first few rides. This means that WT-1 Chain Lube is working because that detergent-like additive has made its way into the gaps and crevices of your chain and is actively pushing out dirt, grease, and debris. You’ll want to wipe down your chain after those first few rides to remove chain contaminants. As you ride more and more, you’ll see WT-1 get into its stride and your chain will be clean, silent, and efficient.