New Arrivals

  • Description

    The Big Block represents All-City's vision of the ideal track bike for everyday life. Take it to the streets or the boards. Wherever you ride it, the Big Block will hold up its end of the deal.

    612 Select chromoly steel with double-butted main triangle, tapered stays and brazed-on seat collar
    4130 Chromoly double butted fork with lugged crown and tapered blades
    Velodrome legal track geometry
    All-City Signature investment-cast stainless steel Hennepin Bridge track dropouts with built-in chain tensioner
    E.D. coated for durability and rust prevention
    Tire clearance: 700c x 32mm; 28mm with fenders

  • Description

    Introducing the brand new formula Tyre Juice, new-and-improved!

    Tyre Juice is a World Cup downhill used, abused and approved sealant for Brendan Fairclough, Phil Atwill and friends to tubeless their tyres.

    Tyre Juice wards off punctures and pinch-flats by coating your rubber in a protective force field.

    Slosh it in and you’ll enjoy a puncture-proof performance on the thorny roads and rocky trails. It also allows you to run lower pressures, meaning more grip, more comfort and more speed.

    It’s a doddle to install and battles faff every time you ride.

    New formula:

    - Thinner formula will coat your tyres like no other
    - Seals holes up to 7mm
    - Filled with particles to create a stronger and faster seal on punctures
    - Finds the little crevices between the bead and rim
    - Handles high and low pressures so great for MTB, Road & Gravel tyres
    - Available in 500ml (5L and 130ml coming soon)
    - Advanced synthetic latex formula is ammonia-free, won’t damage wheels or tyres and won’t cause allergic reactions
    - Longer effective life than competitors, you’ll get 6-9 months of riding before needing a top-up in typical UK conditions
    - Water washable means less mess when installing or changing tyres
    - Can be installed through the valve or direct into your tyre
    - Won’t dry out and ball up like other sealants
    - A resealable bottle makes installation easy
    - Non-corrosive
    - Non-Hazardous

    Tyre Juice works with all road and mountain bike tubeless and UST systems.

  • Description

    Most dynamo lights are designed mainly for commuting on semi-lit city streets. The high beam doesn't spread too widely for concern of on coming traffic.

    The beam of the Trail Light is wider to illuminate objects around the direction you are going -- trees, bushes, rocks.

    – CNC'd 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
    – 600 lumens
    – 5v Micro USB port allows charging of devices when bike is moving and light is switched off. Cable not included.
    – Waterproof IP65
    – Capacitor allows light output to continue up to 5 minutes while bike is stopped
    – On/off switch
    – Input voltage AC 6V
    – Output voltage DC 6V

    Why a Dynamo Light over common battery-powered lights?

    – No need for batteries or recharging
    – No worries of forgetting to recharge
    – No worries of forgetting to bring it on the ride, because it is in the charger.
    – Less likely to be stolen since there are wires.

  • Description

    A lot of request pushed through the release of this model, which is simple but high-performance plastic pedal for MTB.
    A broad stepping area of 105mm width x 103mm length (overall length is 114mm) and 10 spikes per side provides stable and easy-to-catch pedal surface.
    The spikes are detachable by 2.5mm hex wrench, so you can adjust the quantity of spikes up to 10 per side from 0.


    Expected Date:
    22 April 2021
  • Description

    MKS has collaborated with MASH SF to produce these pedals.
    Based on the Sylvan Stream, we have updated one cage plate to include a kickback to achieve both excellent grip while improving the ability to catch the toe clip. Although the kickback protrudes about 13.5mm, there is little discomfort while using the pedal in either orientation.
    From the cage plates to the axle threads, this pedal has been made all black using advanced techniques such as Cathodic Electrodeposition that are designed to not only look good, but protect the pedal from the elements and give the pedal the longest lifespan possible. When combined with the sharp tooth profile this all black pedal delivers a particularly aggressive impression.

    Body: Alloy
    Plate: Alloy/Anodized
    Size: W79 x L61
    Step Area: Single sided
    Bearing: CUP & CONE BEARINGS
    Toe Clip: Recommended
    Reflector: Non
    Weight of a pair: 347g

  • Description

    Cowchipper provides comfort, control, and efficiency for long days in the saddle, whether road touring, crushing mixed surfaces, or conquering the Great Divide. While the Cowchipper retains some resemblance of a traditional road bar, its radical 24 degree flare in the drops boosts leverage, stability, and comfort dramatically.

    - Unidirectional carbon fiber construction
    - Drop/Reach: 116/68mm
    - 31.8mm clamp diameter with 120mm width for use with Salsa Anything Cradle and aerobars
    - 24 deg flare and 12 deg drop angles

  • Description

    Thomson Handlebar Grip Tape features an advanced nanotechnology that is antibacterial and dust resistant. The easy to wrap material is 3mm thick providing a shockproof ride quality with a soft and tacky grip – in wet or dry conditions.

    Package includes: 2 rolls of bar tape + bar end plugs

    Each roll measures: L=225, W=3cm, Thickness= 3mm+ gel adhesive

    Total weight: @100g

    Expected Date:
    02 June 2021
  • Description

    The adjustability and strength of a Thomson seatpost, now in Titanium.

    Our proven saddle clamps are paired with Titanium hardware. We have a long 1.614 inch (41 mm) seat rail grip length. This helps prevent seat rail bending from impact loads. Most other seatposts have grip lengths of at least .500 inches shorter than our grip length.

    The Thomson seatpost has a clamp, head, and upper tube are strong enough to withstand 350 foot-lbs of torque. The tube will start to yield and bend at the seat tube clamp at about 250 foot-lbs of torque. Under severe impact the Thomson seatpost will bend slightly and allow the rider to come to a safe stop or finish the ride.

    The Thomson seatpost has all parts captive and can easily be attached to a seat without dis-assembly.

    Infinite tilt adjustment minus 5° and plus 29°.

    Very low profile clamps means no seat interference as the swivel nuts are down between the seat rails.

    The designs and materials have passed extensive life and ultimate strength tests. Our ongoing testing program ensures that every production lot of seatposts meets Thomson standards.

    Impact absorbing clamps in the seatpost will spread and flex on impact to protect seat, rails, and rider. The seats survive heavy impact loads without bending the rails.

  • Description

    BB30 service kit for SRAM DUB cranks includes (2) Enduro 6806/29 ABEC-3 sealed bearings and 2 retaining clips.

    Bearing Dimensions: OD: 42mm / ID: 29mm / Width: 7mm
    Enduro ABEC-3 bearings
    Use with SRAM DUB cranks

    Note: SRAM DUB cranksets are not designed to work in 68mm or 73mm wide shells with inboard bearings. Use only if your frame is a direct-fit bearing system, and the BB shell width is 86.5mm or wider.

  • Description

    The Bottom Bracket Gauge Tool was designed to provide all the necessary measurements to identify the proper bottom bracket for a specific bike configuration. The gauge can measure:

    bottom bracket width
    bottom bracket shell inner diameter
    crank spindle length
    crank spindle diameter
    bearing inner diameter

    A metric scale runs along the long edges for measuring bottom bracket shell width and crank spindle lengths. Durable red anodized aluminum with laser etching.

    Overall size 7" x 3" x 0.125".

  • Description

    Seamless stretch Microfiber beanie that fits under a helmet and long enough to cover your ears. These were produced by Boulder, Colorado based Pandana.


    - Fits under a helmet or can be worn alone
    - Moisture-wicking and breathable
    - Quick-drying
    - Lightweight and packable
    - 100% Seamless Polyester Microfiber
    - Double layer SPF 50+
    - Soft and comfortable