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    IZUMI X MASH Jet Black Chain Series 1/8 + Includes Master Link

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    Our Scrub and Buff pack includes everything you need to get your bike cleaned, lubed, polished and ready for the trail or the road.

    This big value gift bundle equates to a 25% saving over buying these items separately.

    Pack contains:

    1 x Dirt Juice Super - Degreaser
    1 x Dirt Juice - Cleaner
    1 x Frame Juice Polish & Protector Spray
    1 x Viking Juice Chain Lube
    1 x Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaner

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    Following the success of the LAMBDA commuter pedal, MKS has continued to collaborate with the Rivendell Bicycle Works and has co-developed the GAMMA gravel and mixed surface pedal.

    The GAMMA is built around the proven pedal body used on the LAMBDA, paired with a new step block that has been designed in close partnership with Rivendell Bicycle Works.

    Retaining a similar profile shape to the LAMBDA- consisting of an elongated double-sided step block that’s narrow enough to handle corners. We have "squared off" the pedal, reduced the stack height (lowered the overall height), and added 32 replaceable anti-slip grip pins to proved an outstanding hold on a remarkably stable pedal.

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    Hey mang! I’m Flasky! You know, where ever I go people are always saying to me “Flasky, you’re a good friend. You keep me warm when I’m cold, loose when I’m tight, and twirling when I should be sleeping.” Hey, I try! But I want people to know how tough I am! Not even a dog can hurt me! Well maybe a dog could, I don’t know, like if it was maybe a pit-bull or something. Especially an alcoholic pit-bull who hadn’t had a drink in a while. But still, I’m pretty tough cuz I’m stainless steel. I don’t rust and I don’t trap flavors like plastic. That way your gin don’t taste like your juice. I’m a good size too; more than enough but never too much, except sometimes. So yeah, that’s me. Let’s go for a ride. Right now. C’mon, don’t be stuck up.

    Stainless steel. 6 oz (177ml)

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    Cannonball is a go-to gravel race tire for normal conditions. The tread pattern features a directional, tight-knit center tread that sheds dirt and debris to decrease rolling resistance, and side knobs for effective cornering traction. Cannonball is built for all-around gravel riders and racers.

    - Tubeless ready for flat prevention, lower-pressure traction and comfort
    - Durable casing protects against abrasion and sharp trail debris
    - Ideal rim width: 23 mm
    - Fast compound minimizes rolling resistance and maintains abrasion resistance

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    Rampart excels on minimum maintenance roads and decaying pavement routes. Its tread pattern features a center slick for a smooth-rolling ride and triple siping on the transition and side lugs for traction in loose areas. Rampart is made for riders who wish to conquer any road.

    - Tubeless ready for flat prevention, lower-pressure traction and comfort
    - Light & Supple casing provides a comfortable ride
    - Ideal rim width: 19 mm
    - Fast compound minimizes rolling resistance and maintains abrasion resistance

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    Designed with the unknown in mind, the Rutland takes the guess work out of selecting the right tire for the ride. Ramped, tightly spaced center lugs reduce rolling resistance while more aggressive shoulder and transition lugs provide grip in loose conditions.

    - Designed and inspired by experiences riding and racing rolling coarse-gravel routes
    - Tubeless ready for flat prevention, lower-pressure traction and comfort
    - Ideal internal rim width is 23mm
    - Durable casing protects against abrasion, sharp rocks and gravel

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    BBI Shaft Clamp Set

    Precision machined anodized aluminum clamps designed to allow for easy and secure clamping of round suspension components during service. Designed by Barnett Bicycle Institute and manufactured by Wheels Manufacturing.

    Kit includes 3 pairs of of shaft clamps to fit 15 shaft diameters from 8mm to 28.6mm

    - Suspension damper shafts
    - Suspension damper cylinders
    - Suspension air-spring cylinders
    - Suspension piston shafts
    - Thru-axles

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    The 8-Bit Pack Pliers is a lightweight multi-tool with 17 functions. Eight attachments nest inside the handles of master link pliers using magnets and a clever storage system. These attachments then fit into an 8mm ball detent swivel head that has a 4mm opening for hex bits, which adds functionality to the already-versatile master link pliers. This new multi-tool was created to solve almost any minor repair on MTB and road rides alike.

    - 17 functions: spoke wrench; valve core wrench; flat head #3.5 and Phillips #2 screwdriver bits; 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex; and T10, T25 Torx-compatible bits; install and remove master links; clear tire sealant clogs from valve stem; tighten valve stem lock nut
    - Magnets keep all bits in place
    - Ball detent swivel head helps access hard-to-reach places
    - Handle doubles as breaker bar for extra torque when head is bent
    - 8mm hex bit tested to over 40 Nm torque


    - Pliers works with 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-speed master links and chains (not compatible with Campagnolo 12-speed chains)
    - Master Link storage is compatible with SRAM PowerLock Link, Shimano Quick-Link, KMC Missing Link and other similar master links (not compatible with Connex Links by Wipperman)

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    The Wolf Tooth Axle Handle Multi-Tool is a minimalist, lightweight option to cover 10 essential tool functions. It is stored at the end of a Wolf Tooth rear axle during rides as a multi-tool that is easy to access for quick adjustments and trailside fixes.

    An O-ring on the inside of the axle’s threaded end locks the Axle Handle Multi-Tool in place so it is secure while riding. On one side of the handle is a 5mm hex end stepped to 6mm closer to the handle that fits into the end of an axle. The other side of the handle has a 4mm opening for double-sided hex bits that nest on the inside of the handle via magnet. It was designed for Wolf Tooth axles, though is compatible on other axles that have a threaded end.

    Four hex bits are included with the Axle Handle Multi-Tool. Two bits can then be selected to be stored in the back of the tool based on the functions that you use the most. Each bit has two functions. So if you find yourself frequently reaching for the 4mm hex on a multi-tool in your frame bag, the Axle Handle Multi-Tool makes it quickly available and always within reach, without needing to unpack your tool wrap on the trail.

    - Four hex bit options are included, allowing the cyclist to select functions most frequently used: 2, 2.5, 3, and 4mm hex; flat head #3.5 and Phillips #2 screwdrivers; and T10 and T25 Torx-compatible

    - Designed for Wolf Tooth rear axles with a female threaded head-end but also compatible with axles from Trek and other manufacturers that have a removable handle retained with an o-ring"

    - Available in eight colors to match other Wolf Tooth anodized components and accessories

    - Designed, engineered, and machined at Wolf Tooth in Minnesota with 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum


    - Designed for Wolf Tooth rear axles with a female threaded head-end but also compatible with axles from Trek and other manufacturers that have a removable handle retained with an o-ring"

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    The Wolf Tooth Morse Cage is the result of a collaboration between Wolf Tooth and King Cage with a goal of providing a lightweight and low profile way to reposition bottle cages. Named for its dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern, the Morse Cage base plate offers four positions across 32mm of vertical adjustment, fully capturing one mounting bolt in every position to prevent movement. Handcrafted by King Cage in Durango, Colorado, the Morse Cage will never mar your bottles, can be bent back into shape if damaged, and are available now in both titanium and stainless steel.

    - Hand bent hollow tubing
    - Precision-cut four-position bases with 32mm of total adjustment

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    Wolf Tooth WT-G Precision Bike Grease is a waterproof, synthetic oil-based lubricant for cyclingspecific applications. It reduces friction on moving components while protecting them from
    contaminants, water, and corrosion. WT-G also prevents non-moving components from seizing together due to corrosion or galling. This is a grease that can be used on bottom brackets, hubs,headsets, general bicycle assembly, and more. WT-G Precision Bike Grease builds on the product line that was created by WT-1 Chain Lube as products that aid and enhance performance of Wolf Tooth components.

    • Maintains low viscosity for consistent performance from -60ºF to 360ºF (roughly -50ºC to -180ºC)
    in all conditions
    • Creates smooth, easy component movement for low energy loss
    • Long-lasting lubrication for extended bearing and component life
    • High resistance to oxidation and corrosion
    • Can be used on steel, alloy, and titanium