Juice Lubes A.A.S Juice 150 ml tub

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28 May 2021
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Juice Lubes A.S.S Juice 150 ml tub Anti-Seize compound
Dont Get Uptight!

AAS Juice is a premium Aluminium Anti Seize paste for use in all threaded, metal to metal applications. Funnily enough it will prevent things seizing in place allowing for easier disassembly in the future and can also help to prevent irritating squeaks and creaks. A small tub will go a long way and like all Juice Lubes products, it’s top quality and will last a long time!

How to Use

Apply sparingly to threaded parts and metal to metal contact points with a small brush. Wipe off any excess after final fitting has taken place.

Size: 150ml Pot

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