Wolf Tooth Remote 31.8mm Drop Bar

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Price: $132.00 (RRP)
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02 December 2021
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ReMote Drop Bar is the bar-end dropper post lever for drop bar bikes. As gravel bikes have taken off, more and more riders have discovered the joy of exploration while renewing their love for local and less-technical trails. And riders are finding that there are sections of trail that are just more fun with a lower center of gravity.

The low-profile ReMote Drop Bar stays out of the way of brake and shift levers during the bulk of riding but can be easily actuated by pushing down with the wrist or pulling up with ring and pinkie fingers. The wraparound base and expanding plug fit most carbon and aluminum road handlebars. Straightforward cable routing minimizes friction while Delrin bearings pivot smoothly and are easily serviced or replaced. Lever can be rotated to your preferred position at the end of the bar.


- Compatible with all cabled actuated droppers posts.
- Works with dropper posts that have the barrel end of the cable at the remote and those that have the barrel end at the post.
- Works with any drop bar handlebar
- Can be rotated to your preferred position.

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