SylvanWorks Cargo Cage Black

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The SYLVAN CARGO CAGE is designed primarily for carrying cylindrical luggage such as bottles or dry sacks on a bicycle.

It can be attached to 2- or 3-bolt accessory mounts on the frame or front fork to easily increase the carrying capacity of your bicycle.

The L-shaped bottom plate is used for different applications. With the bottom plate co-tightened, it offers excellent performance when carrying heavy objects such as water-filled bottles, while with the bottom plate removed, it can compactly secure long objects.

The bottom plate has two M4 threaded holes with a 25mm pitch.

65mm×177mm×19mm (Bottom plate protrusion 42mm)

Body: 45g
Bottom plate: 14g
2-hole spacer: 3g

Included items:
·SYLVAN CARGO CAGE (Body, Bottom plate, 2-hole spacer)
·M5 bolt ×3
·M5 washer ×3
·M4 countersunk bolt ×2

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