Wolf Tooth WT-G Precision Grease 8oz

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Wolf Tooth WT-G Precision Bike Grease is a waterproof, synthetic oil-based lubricant for cyclingspecific applications. It reduces friction on moving components while protecting them from
contaminants, water, and corrosion. WT-G also prevents non-moving components from seizing together due to corrosion or galling. This is a grease that can be used on bottom brackets, hubs,headsets, general bicycle assembly, and more. WT-G Precision Bike Grease builds on the product line that was created by WT-1 Chain Lube as products that aid and enhance performance of Wolf Tooth components.

• Maintains low viscosity for consistent performance from -60ºF to 360ºF (roughly -50ºC to -180ºC)
in all conditions
• Creates smooth, easy component movement for low energy loss
• Long-lasting lubrication for extended bearing and component life
• High resistance to oxidation and corrosion
• Can be used on steel, alloy, and titanium

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