Wolf Tooth B-RAD Bottle Relocat w/access

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The bases are the foundation for the B-RAD system and the rest of the B-RAD system mounts to them. Reposition bottle cages using existing bottle cage mounts on your bike so that they are accessible and out of the way of stuff. The Dogbone can be used to offset a bottle or other accessory to an optimal location. It is most ideally used for smaller, curved or dual suspension frames.


- Mounting any of the bases requires the use of at least 2 standard threaded bottle cage mounts. B-RAD 3 and 4 should use the auxiliary foam pad (to protect your frame) and zip tie to secure the base. Any other mounting methods are not recommended
- You may need a Problem Solvers Space Out Kit or similar method to clear the front derailleur clamp. Be sure to use bolts with additional length equivalent to the extra spacing added
- Compatible with any frame that uses standard 64mm spacing bottle cage braze-ons (basically every modern frame)

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