Donnelly LAS 700x33 120tpi Black

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Named after the most entertaining and exciting cyclocross race in America, LAS_clincher_1CrossVegas, the LAS (for Vegas’ airport code), is fast, glides over hard-pack, and cuts through grass. It’s unique nail-file tread is short and fine at the center of the tire and gets progressively taller and coarser as itapproaches the shoulder knobs. This gradated construction gives you predictable performance as you corner and ride off-camber sections, all the while keeping straight-line rolling resistance as low as possible.

LAS has the same side-knob construction as its cyclocross brother the Crusade PDX, giving you superior edge control in leans and a traction advantage coming out of the corner.

Additional Info

- Size:700X33
- TPI:120
- Bead:Folding
- Weight:350 gm

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