Salsa EXP Series Anything Cradle KIT

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Salsa's EXP Series Anything Cradle system is designed to create carrying capacity in front of your handlebars, while providing ample room for cables without fear of kinking them. This system is available as a complete "kit", or sold individually for custom set-ups.

Complete kit includes the cradle, the EXP Series Dry Bag, the EXP Series Anything Cradle Front Pouch, and EXP Series Anything Cradle Front Straps
Each part of the kit can be purchased individually
Modular system, using the EXP Series Dry Bags for the perfect carrying system or your own dry bag with a ladder strap system
Works with or without front pouch
"Ladder Lock" three-slot strap weave design that eliminates straps from slipping
Extremely versatile

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