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Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice 130ml bottle (Chain Lube)
Performance Lube for Dry to Moist Conditions

Chain Juice Ceramic is an advanced chain lube that is designed to improve gear shifting performance by greatly reducing metal to metal scuffing. The result is noticeably quieter, smoother and “crisper” gear changes, even under load when you shouldn’t really be changing gear at all! You know the times – when your gears make a noise that makes your face screw up??!

Chain Juice Ceramic is ideal for dry to moist conditions. It will protect against corrosion, enhance chain life and keep things smooth down there.

How To Use

Un-screw nozzle and pierce security seal. Re-attach nozzle.

For top performance, apply to a degreased chain (Use Dirt Juice Super Gnarl for this!) allow a couple of minutes for lube to penetrate the chain and wipe off any excess before starting your ride.

Size: 130ml

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