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Chris King
  • Chris King Perf Hub Bearing Grease
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    Chris King Performance Hub Bearing Grease is engineered for superior hub bearing performance in all conditions. This low viscosity grease is a proprietary full synthetic lubricant that will ensure Chris King bearings perform optimally, providing low drag and superior longevity.

    - Full synthetic
    - All weather lubricant
    - For hub bearings

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  • Chris King Ring Drive Lube 2.0 1.2oz
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    RingDrive™ Lube 2.0 is a Nano-Particle lubricant engineered by Chris King to further reduce resistance and wear in your Chris King rear hub. In addition to lower resistance and a longer wear life RingDrive™ Lube 2.0 improves performance in cold weather conditions.

    To install, simply remove old lubricant and contaminants from your RingDrive™, Drive, and Driven Rings and apply 1-2ml of RingDrive™ Lube 2.0. Only a 2.5mm hex key is required to perform the service.

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    01 April 2019
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